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FACILITIES / Audiology & Hearing Aids

Audiology department provides a holistic approach towards hearing solution!

The Audiology (hearing) department deals with the diagnostic and therapeutic services related to the ENT patients. Embracing all age groups and types of hearing disorders it functions to give patients a accurate and holistic hearing solution using the technologically advanced instruments and sound clinical acumen.

Diagnostic section:

Audiometry: The test happens in a perfectly sound treated room. The audiometer used for the test, the Madesn ' itera II'  from Otometrics, Denmark allows the most accurate and reliable threshold tracking. 

Impedance audiometry: the 'otoflex' from the Otometrics again can conduct this functional  test without needing the patient to respond at all! It helps find in finding out middle ear effusion, block, pressure deviation and many more such ear related conditions. 

Special tests: The advanced diagnostic duel channel  audiometry also allows special tests like ABLB, SISI, TDT to differentiate between a cochlear hearing loss vs. neural involvement. 

BERA/ASSR/OAE: The latest machine "BIOLOGIC" that can give objective results and three independent tests, viz BERA/ASSR/OAE has an extra edge over other in terms of accuracy and dependability. BERA and ASSR tests are conducted for difficult to test patients e.g. very young children, children with special needs, etc. It helps assess the auditory chain uptill the brainstem level. 

OAE (Otoacoustic emmission) screening for infants is a definitive and proactive step taken by the hospital towards early intervention for the high risk infants. Infants are now routinely screened to find out normalcy of the ear and catch any hearing problem at an early stage.

BOA and conditioning audiometry for young children: A child for hearing evaluation goes through a battery of tests to come to an exact conclusion about the status of his hearing. An observation audiometry allows the clinician to verify and support the machine test. 

Pre and post cochlear implant audiological assessments

Therapeutic Services

  • Hearing aid fitting and programming
  • Tinnitus management
  • Monitoring high risk infants and children for speech and hearing milestones
  • Counseling for cochlear implant candidates
  • Care and maintenance of the implant 

Hearing aid fitting and programming: An array of digital and technically well developed segment of hearing aids are available in the clinic. The suitability of hearing aid is tested through systematic trials.

Fitting a child with hearing aid: Depending on results of the test battery a child who needs a hearing aid is tested for suitability of hearing instruments differently than adults. With a observant eye and a cautious hand the child is given the best possible amplification.

Post fitting services: After a hearing instruments fitted regular post fit services like programming and tuning, servicing and maintenance is also taken care of in the centre.

Monitoring high risk infants and children for speech and hearing milestones: The infant screening is followed by regular monitoring the child's auditory and speech language development till three years of age and treated if needed.

Extending a helping hand towards needy: Needy patients and NGOs  are given apt concessions and free services  for the needed tests throughout the year.

Speech Therapy

  • Children with Delayed speech language 
  • Stammering problem
  • Unclear speech 
  • Voice problems
  • Children with special needs